Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time Goes By

I'ts rather odd to think that four years have passed, well really 4 1/2, since Hans and I moved to Albany Ohio. While I cannot say the time has flown by, it has definitely gone. The kids have grown. I still only visit the Elementary school but I know middle school is right around the corner. We are done extending our family. We've cleaned out baby clothes, thrown away bibs, and given away baby toys; the last time we flew on an airplane with the family, each child was able to pull their own suitcase, and we were able to fit needed booster car seats in bags. More exciting than that, Each child walked through security and metal detectors all on their own. That is Progress people!!!
   I wish I could say the Ohio climate has grown on us, but really it's still mostly overcast and gray...all the time. I've dealt with it. My entire kitchen and dining room have been painted in sky aqua color. I've created a place I can go when this desert rat needs to see the sky. It works...sometimes... 
I don't really have a major theme to this blog except to say, we are still plugging along. Kids are alive, Hans can walk (a topic for another day), I'm still a stay at home mother, and the Meyer fam is still...plugging along. Hope you are too! Happy New year!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time passes too quickly...

It is a special day today. Alexander is turning 3 years old. I have this little tradition with the kids, although only Lincoln has caught on to it, and that is I recount cute stories about my personal experience with them and my impressions of them from years past to remind them about how wonderful they are. Tonight as I anticipate tommorows birthday glee, I am reminded of the second night I spent with Alex. I was moved from my hospital room because of plumbing issues into a closet of a room in the back of  the labor and delivery check in area. I couldn't page the nurse if I wanted to, and so I was only checked on about once the entire night. Alex also was having a hard time because he had swallowed so much fluid duriing delivery. He cried a lot that night. I remember however that when I sang to him he would calm down. So as exausted as we both were, I held him in my arms the entire night singing The Way You Look Tonight. So in honor of Alex's third birthday I thought I'd post Frank Sinatra's version of this memorable song.
Happy 3rd Birthday Alex. I really do feel a glow just thinking of you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greta is 1 today!

I just wanted to post quickly and note the Birthday of cute Greta! I cannot believe she is already 1 year old. She is such a happy little thing. She is developing a little mind of her own. She will either smile like crazy at someone she likes or give the dirtiest look to those who freak her out. It is so funny, and it tends to keep the really dirty people from touching her at the store.
  She loves to sing, and will babble along to just about any music; she'll cry in the car until I turn something on, then sing herself to sleep. She says "DaDa" when she's happy, and "MAAAAMAAAA" in the middle of the night.. go figure.
 She really is so special. We all love her so much around here. Happy Birthday Greta!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Okay I realize I have not posted for a while..sorry everyone, Here however are some cute pics of the kids in their halloween get ups this year. Lincoln insisted on being a newsie, Holly and Alex are super heros, and Greta is an owl. Happy Halloween.   Ps- Greta doesn't always make that silly face!!!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stupid little Birthday Blog

So today I turned 30. Most of you know and have passed along very kind Birthday wishes, which have really made this birthday rather special. My Mom said something interesting on the phone to me today when I moaned the loss of 29, "The thirties are the best years. Your body hasn't given out yet, and you are old enough to have learned some life's just a good time." I hope she's right...really I do, But I keep thinking of this one memory form College. I was sitting on a couch in my apt watching the snowfall with two awesome roommates, Kelley and Tricia, and I remember thinking that I should just enjoy this moment. I had good friends, little responsibility, financial a poor student extent... and most of all an exciting life ahead of me...
  As I think about this memory, I keep thinking about how that innocent part of life is over, and that life has been exciting, but not in all the ways I thought it would be. I don't think I mourn the age 30, but what comes with it. A mortgage for one, but more than that, I think about all the friends I have and how life has seriously taken it's toll on some of them. You are never prepared for that when you are young. You are never told that someday, this friend's house will burn down and that friends husband will leave her, or this person will die... I guess that is why I'm sad to see those carefree and worryfree, 20 somethings pass. I'm kinda worried about what the future may bring.  And that being said, more than ever before I'm convinced that life is about the people we love, and why we love them. I think all of us eventually will be the person who..._____________ (you fill in the blank). But what will really matter will be who's there to support you, and who you'll be there to support. I have so many excellent role models in my life, and I'd like to thank a few. Thanks Mom and Dad, for encouraging me to live a virtuous life, thus far it has served me very well.
Thank you Hans for helping me learn to finish things I start, you are the best thing I ever started, and I hope we are one thing that never ever has a finish! Thanks to my sisters...all of you for being the best girlfriends a girl can have. You cheer me up and always make me laugh. Thank you Chad, for being a true brother, the sisters may not always get you, but you and I have something special.
Thanks to my kids who have been teaching me new depths of love, gratitude, irritation, and adoration.
It's nice to know you'll all be there when I become that person in your life that...____________ (only time will tell).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Greta's Growing.

I Love that Greta is getting a little older. she is really starting to take off in the personality department. Most of all, like almost all of our children, she is always happy to be where everyone else is. I'm loving it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I made shoes!

I had a double baby shower to go to last week and needed a gift. Because I waited to long to think about what gift I would get, and I needed both a girl and boy gift, I decided to make something. Now usually I realize the rational goes the opposite way, However since I live in Athens where my buying options are limited to Big Lots and Walmart, I opted to make a gift.
  So I started to look on Etsy for some cute ideas and came accross some really cute baby shoes. I bought a pattern. My mom also had a shower to go to, (shout out to Kristi, Congrats, I wish I could be closer to see the new baby...) and asked if I had any ides, so I told her about my ideas and she ordered a pattern as well. Anyway I made my shoes and here are a couple of the pairs I made.  

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Counting My Blessings

I absolutely love Dianna Krall. I have been enjoying her music for a long time now, and I came across this and wanted to post it. Many times we hear it in association with Chirstmas because it was written for the show White Christmas, but I was listening to it today and was thinking about how much I love being a Mom, and how many blessings I enjoy because of that. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms I know, especially Mine!