Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stupid little Birthday Blog

So today I turned 30. Most of you know and have passed along very kind Birthday wishes, which have really made this birthday rather special. My Mom said something interesting on the phone to me today when I moaned the loss of 29, "The thirties are the best years. Your body hasn't given out yet, and you are old enough to have learned some life's just a good time." I hope she's right...really I do, But I keep thinking of this one memory form College. I was sitting on a couch in my apt watching the snowfall with two awesome roommates, Kelley and Tricia, and I remember thinking that I should just enjoy this moment. I had good friends, little responsibility, financial a poor student extent... and most of all an exciting life ahead of me...
  As I think about this memory, I keep thinking about how that innocent part of life is over, and that life has been exciting, but not in all the ways I thought it would be. I don't think I mourn the age 30, but what comes with it. A mortgage for one, but more than that, I think about all the friends I have and how life has seriously taken it's toll on some of them. You are never prepared for that when you are young. You are never told that someday, this friend's house will burn down and that friends husband will leave her, or this person will die... I guess that is why I'm sad to see those carefree and worryfree, 20 somethings pass. I'm kinda worried about what the future may bring.  And that being said, more than ever before I'm convinced that life is about the people we love, and why we love them. I think all of us eventually will be the person who..._____________ (you fill in the blank). But what will really matter will be who's there to support you, and who you'll be there to support. I have so many excellent role models in my life, and I'd like to thank a few. Thanks Mom and Dad, for encouraging me to live a virtuous life, thus far it has served me very well.
Thank you Hans for helping me learn to finish things I start, you are the best thing I ever started, and I hope we are one thing that never ever has a finish! Thanks to my sisters...all of you for being the best girlfriends a girl can have. You cheer me up and always make me laugh. Thank you Chad, for being a true brother, the sisters may not always get you, but you and I have something special.
Thanks to my kids who have been teaching me new depths of love, gratitude, irritation, and adoration.
It's nice to know you'll all be there when I become that person in your life that...____________ (only time will tell).


Meg said...

Love this pic of are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Trena said...

Ok, that picture of you is adorable! I feel the same way about turning 30 this year, not looking forward to it. But my mom also said the exact same thing your mom said. I guess you just have to look at the positive things you have going on. Which are so, so many! Happy Birthday!

Susanna Landon said...

cute picture Merilee! Hey don't feel so down about your 30's. They are great! I am three years in and feel like I have accomplished even more than I did in all of my 20's.

Mindy said...

Isn't that the truth! I never EVER in a million years thought I say "yeah, I have triplets." I can also think of a million other things I never thought I'd say…darn. I love you MJ and love talking to you on the phone. We always laugh about the crap we go through. If we don't laugh, we'd have to cry. Welcome to the 30's. Their not so bad. It seems I'm starting to stare the 40's in the eyes…UGGG!

Happy birthday MJ!