Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time Goes By

I'ts rather odd to think that four years have passed, well really 4 1/2, since Hans and I moved to Albany Ohio. While I cannot say the time has flown by, it has definitely gone. The kids have grown. I still only visit the Elementary school but I know middle school is right around the corner. We are done extending our family. We've cleaned out baby clothes, thrown away bibs, and given away baby toys; the last time we flew on an airplane with the family, each child was able to pull their own suitcase, and we were able to fit needed booster car seats in bags. More exciting than that, Each child walked through security and metal detectors all on their own. That is Progress people!!!
   I wish I could say the Ohio climate has grown on us, but really it's still mostly overcast and gray...all the time. I've dealt with it. My entire kitchen and dining room have been painted in sky aqua color. I've created a place I can go when this desert rat needs to see the sky. It works...sometimes... 
I don't really have a major theme to this blog except to say, we are still plugging along. Kids are alive, Hans can walk (a topic for another day), I'm still a stay at home mother, and the Meyer fam is still...plugging along. Hope you are too! Happy New year!